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Sample Volt server data directory (Volt/Renovations)

This article contains a sample HCL Domino Volt data directory. The sample data includes a names.nsf file for a fictitious company called Renovations. There is one server document in names.nsf for a server called Volt/Renovations. You can use this sample data to quickly start Volt in a container running the new Volt Docker image.

HCL Domino Volt release numberRenovations sample dataDetailed Docker instructions
1.0.1renovations-data-volt-1.0.1.tbz2renovations-data-volt-1.0.1.tbz2Volt 1.0.1 on Docker
1.0renovations-data-volt-1.0.tbz2renovations-data-volt-1.0.tbz2Volt 1.0 on Docker

Getting started

To get started:

- Download the Volt Docker image from the HCL Licensing Portal. The Docker image is available as part of your HCL Domino Volt entitlement.
- Download one of the attached files (e.g. renovations-data-volt-1.0.tbz2). Be sure to choose the file that matches your version of the Volt Docker image.
- Follow the instructions to import the sample data into a Docker volume. For detailed instructions, see the link in the table above.

Once you have launched a Docker container bound to the sample data volume, you can begin using Volt.

Renovations personas

The names.nsf for Volt/Renovations includes four person records.  Each person is able to access Volt, but each has a different set of privileges. The personas are:

- Admin/Renovations -- the server administrator and author of the Volt Training Request application
- Ted Amado/Renovations -- a Training Request approver
- Samantha Daryn/Renovations -- a Training Request user
- Betty Zechman/Renovations -- a Training Request user

You can log in to a Volt web page using any of the common names above.  The password for each persona is "passw0rd".

The Volt manager page

To create, edit and deploy a Volt application, open the Volt manager page. The manager page is at the following relative URL:


The Admin persona should see a single application called "Training Request" on the manager page. The other personas should not see the "Training Request" application, but each persona can create their own applications.

The Training Request form

To create a new training request, open the following relative URL:


Each persona can create a new training request. Simply enter the employee name, manager name and select a course from the drop-down list. Click the Submit button to save the request.

Training Request data

To view existing requests, open the following URL:


The Training Request approver (Ted Amado) should see all existing requests. The approver can open a submitted request and approve or deny it. The other personas are only able to see requests they have created. For example, Samantha Daryn can only see her requests.

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